Our Story

hopeThe malamute pictured on our website is the Hope of Winter’s Hope. She was our inspiration, guardian and co-leader of our sled team. In everything we do, we feel her spirit.

Humans Tj and Rock moved to Taos in 2007 because of a love of the southwest and for Rock’s job as an Episcopal Priest. Tj has worked with animals for years. Before moving here we were mushers (dog-sledders) and brought our retired team of Alaskan Malamutes with us to New Mexico. Starting in 2009 we acquired a total of 6 male alpacas; Popeye, Alfalfa, Lightning, Yuri, Sven and Cezanne.  They have 3  Great Pyrenees, who watch over them. Although Popeye is available for herdsire services our focus is on their soft luxurious fiber which Tj spins, knits, felts and weaves. In addition to the pyrs, pacas, and mals, we have 5 cats – who are actually in charge.

DSC_0262Over the last decade and a half, Tj and Rock  have made it their business to lovingly care for animals and people. From carefully breeding Alaskan Malamutes and training them to love sledding, to rescuing feral cats, to training for animal massage and learning about homeopathy, to raising Alpacas, we have taken a holistic approach to the care of our critters and ourselves.  We use no pesticides or herbicides and use only organic practices.

The Alpacas are our latest endeavor. The silky soft fiber makes it a joy to just run your hands through their coats. Their calm demeanor and the gentle humming sound they make give our ranch a peaceful air. Once a year we shear the Alpacas and start the process of making soft, strong yarns in natural colors to be sold in skeins, or weaving the yarn into rugs, stoles, and placemats as well as felting some of the fiber making warm one of  a kind fiber art scarves and shawls, catnip filled cat toys and electronic covers. It was a real joy to find our present home in the woods at about 8,000 feet above sea level close to both the Town of Taos and Taos Ski Valley.

Not only do we spin and weave our fiber, but we have recently added a Feltloom (trademark sign) This is a needle felting loom which helps us to make one of a kind garments. Home grown, hand spun and heart felt.